SAS. Planet is a free navigation program that combines the capabilities of downloading and viewing maps, photos of the earth's surface taken from a satellite. The program is an alternative to well-known competitors that belong to this category. The utility runs at high speed, even if your PC has a weak operating system. Using SAS. Planet user will be able to determine the location in both online and offline modes. You can also use the program as a regular navigator on your mobile device. You can download the official version of SAS. Planet by using the link on our website.

The utility SAS. Planet is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 operating system.

Functions of the program

SAS. Planet can’t be attributed to a common navigation program yet, but due to its functions, many people choose it:

  • uploading photos from the Internet;
  • getting a large number of maps on major services (Google, Yandex, Mail);
  • determining the length of the path from one point to another;
  • viewing the required area using full-screen mode;
  • connecting a GPS receiver for full-fledged work with the navigator;
  • exporting geodata to various formats with further viewing on any device.

Utility features 

Thanks to the unified interface of the program, the user can download and view cartographic material. Without SAS. Planet It is very problematic to design linear structures.

With the help of the utility, the user will be able to upload and download maps from any sources, place, import and export GPS tags in the following format *.gpx, *.kml, *.kmz. Thus, the labels from the navigator can be linked to the corresponding geolocations on the map. 

All these features will allow the user to reduce the time for design and preliminary survey of the area. 

How to download the program 

The program SAS. Planet doesn’t require an installation, so you can just follow the link on this page. Then unpack the zip folder and save the archive to a capacious PC disk. Now you can open the program and get started.


The program SAS. Planet is a unique utility because it doesn’t require installation on a PC, but at the same time, users have great opportunities to view map files with high download speed. In terms of functionality, it isn’t inferior to heavy geoservices, as it works with all geolocations with advantageous advantages over its competitors.